Toulouse Lap-Trec by B


Toulouse Lap-Trec by B

B Toulouse-Laptrec is a never ending drawing toy for children! It contains four animal magnet stamps and a faithful drawing pencil that stays in place when it’s not in use. It is housed on a bean bag pillow for resting easily on laps or for a quick nap in the car.
Pull down the red lever to have everything easily erased ready to start again.
Great for a spot of creativity and perfect as a travel toy.

The B packaging feels a little different, both in your hands and to the earth. All of the boxes and tags are made from recycled paper, even the plastic that holds the toys in place are recyclable too. The boxes are uniquely printed with soy based inks in order to make as little impact as possible on planet earth.

Toy: 31.2×10.2×30.5cm

Suitable for ages 18months – 3years.

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