Feisty Pets – Rainbow Pegasus the Flying Horse


Feisty Pets – Rainbow Pegasus the Flying Horse

The super cute teddies sure do look sweet and innocent but they can transform from adorable into vicious and terrifying with a blink of an eye! So not only do you get a cuddly snuggle buddy, but the perfect partner for scaring your friends and family with too.

Each Feisty Pet comes with two small triggers in their heads, give these a squeeze and like most of us would if someone squeezed our brains, they turn into raging beasts! Their once submissive, sweet eyes quickly turn into angled, sharp eyes, with a mouth full of razor sharp teeth snarling at you. Give Grandma the fright of her life or terrify your younger siblings with these monstrous cuties! And just as quickly as they turned into evil beasts, they can change back into their adorable selves.

  • Adorable plushies to evil monsters in seconds
  • Each animal has been stuffed with attitude
  • Squeeze their heads to see the transformation
  • Like Jekyll and Hyde in cuddly toy form
  • From angelic to angry in a split second
  • Flexible rubber teeth and a menacing snarl
  • No batteries or charging necessary!
  • Hand clean only
  • Measures approx. 22cm x 15cm x 21cm

Recommended for ages 3 years to adult

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